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On the Beach (Flowers of the Coast)

Flowers of the Coast

Anthyllis vulneraria - Kidney Vetch

Argentina anserina - Silverweed     leaf

Armeria maritima - Thrift / Sea Pink     white form

Asplenium marinum - Sea Spleenwort

Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima - Sea Beet

Brassica oleracea - Wild Cabbage     flower close-up

Cakile maritima - Sea Rocket

Carduus tenuiflorus - Slender Thistle

Erodium cicutarium - Common Stork's-bill

Eryngium maritimum - Sea Holly

Euphorbia paralias - Sea Spurge

Euphorbia portlandica - Portland Spurge

Honckenya peploides - Sea Sandwort

Ononis repens - Restharrow

Phragmites australis - Common Reed     habitat

Plantago coronopus - Buck's-horn Plantain

Primula veris - Cowslip     plants

Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. maritimus - Sea Radish     seed head

Scilla verna - Spring Squill

Sedum anglicum - English Stonecrop

Silene uniflora - Sea Campion     plant

Smyrnium olusatrum - Alexanders

Spergularia marina - Lesser Sea-spurrey

Spergularia rupicola - Rock Sea-spurrey / Cliff Spurrey / Rock Spurrey     plant

Trifolium subterraneum - Subterranean Clover     leaf

Zostera marina -  Common Eel-grass     submerged     capsules     plants     bed
Eeel-grass is not green seaweed, but a true plant. Often found washed up after storms, it can be found growing on "the" lowest tides at places  such as Hannafore Point, near Looe.


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