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On the Beach (Marine Worms)

Marine Worms
Bootlace Worm (Lineus longissimus)

Echiuroid / Spoon Worm (Thalassemi neptuni) ?

Green-leaf Worm (Eulalia viridis)

Lugworm Cast (Arenicola marina)     cast

Marine Worm Egg Cases (Anaitides maculata)

Ragworm (Hediste diversicolor)

Sand Mason (Lanice conchilega)     feeding

Scale Worm (species to identify)     underside

Tubeworm (Pomatoceros triqueter) on Oyster

Tubeworm (Serpula vermicularis) ? - strandline

Tubeworm (Spirorbis spirorbis)

Marine Worms to Identify
Worm1 - Spit Point, Par. 07.04.09

Worm2 - Spit Point, Par. 07.04.09

Worm3 - Spit Point, Par. 12.04.09

Worm4 - Spit Point, Par. 12.04.09

Worm1 - Prisk Cove, Helford. 09.05.09     tube end

Worm2 - Prisk Cove, Helford. 09.05.09

Worm3 - Prisk Cove, Helford. 09.05.09


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