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On the Beach (Rockpooling Advice)

Rockpooling Advice

Please remember the following when rockpooling or visting beaches.

1. ONLY take away empty shells, live ones STINK after a while.

2. Use nets GENTLY and carefully so as not to damage plants or animals.

3. Touching soft bodied and small creatures may HARM them, or harm YOU, some
animals can sting or bite. e.g. crabs, jelly fish, weaver fish, even blennies, just ask my 15 year old.

4. ONLY keep creatures captive for a short time, and don't let them dry out, place them in a pool or bucket of fresh sea water, TRY NOT TO TOUCH THEM.

5. CAREFULLY replace any rocks or stones in the same position and way up that you found them.

6. Be CAREFUL seaweed is slippery and rocks can be sharp.

7. Take ALL litter home.

8. Plan VERY well and know your tide times.
Tide Times for the South West co/ (BBC Weather Website)
If in doubt follow the tide down and leave at low water or

9. Stay AWAY from crumbling cliffs, especially after wet weather.

10. ALWAYS follow directions given on local notice boards, if in doubt contact the
local council or Wildlife Trust for advice.

11. If taking a dog to the beach, DO NOT let them drink salt water or leave them in the car during HOT weather.

12. Finally. Rockpools and Beaches can be one of THE best places to introduce
children to to wonders of nature and the natural world.
ALWAYS try and make sure they enjoy the experience. The are numerous events and Seashore Safari's run by Wildlife Trusts and other voluntary organisations across the UK; a little research can pay dividends and often for a very small fee. Similarly if you don't fancy the beach there are numerous aquariums to be found across the country and numerous
websites dedicated to shorelife and marine animals. See Carol's Links.

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