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On the Beach (Sea Slugs and Cephalopods)

Molluscs (Sea Slugs)

Acteon Shell (Acteon tornatilis)

Bubble Shell (Haminoea navicula) ? - broken / strandline

Grey Sea Slug (Aeolidia papillosa) -1    rear close-up    feeding on anemone    eggs

Grey Sea Slug (Aeolidia papillosa) -2     eggs

Orange-clubbed Sea Slug (Limacia clavigera)     under rock

Sea Hare (Aplysia punctata) -1     group under rock     dead on strandline

Sea Hare (Aplysia punctata) -2     close-up     distressed     eggs     egg laying

Sea Slug (Facelina auriculata)     side-view

Sea Slug (Goniodoris castanea) - feeding on Ascidian

Sea Slug (Lamellaria perspicua) ?

Sea Slug (Onchidoris sp.) ?

Sea Slug (Polycera quadrilineata) -1     top-view

Sea Slug (Polycera quadrilineata) -2

Sea Slug (Rostanga rubra) -adult

Sea Slug (Rostanga rubra) -young animal     foot

Sea Lemon (Archidoris pseudoargus) -1     pairing     eggs

Yellow-plumed Sea Slug (Berthella plumula) -1     in pool     group

Yellow-plumed Sea Slug (Berthella plumula) -2     side-view

Sea Slugs to identify

Sea Slug -1 (Spit Point, Par, 12.04.09)

Cephalopods (Cuttlefish and Octopus)

Common Cuttlefish backbone (Sepia officinalis)     underside     eggs

Elegant Cuttlefish backbone (Sepia elegans)     underside     close-up

Common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) - NMA*

All images were taken in rockpools or on beaches around Cornwall except those marked NMA*, which were taken at the National Marine Aquarium.


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