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the Wildlife and Landscape of Cornwall

Plants, Lichens and Fungi

Native Shrubs

Calluna vulgaris - Heather / Ling     flowers close-up

Clematis vitalba - Traveller's Joy

Cytisus scoparius - Broom     bush

Cytisus scoparius ssp. maritimus - Prostrate Broom     flower close-up

Erica cinerea - Bell Heather

Erica tetralix - Cross-leaved Heath

Frangula alnus - Alder Buckthorn     flowers     leaves     berries     shrub

Genista anglica - Petty Whin     plant

Genista pilosa - Hairy Greenweed     flower close-up

Hippophae rhamnoides - Sea Buckthorn     berries     old berries     buds     shrub

Hypericum androsaemum - Tutsan    berries -1    berries -2    berries -3    shrub

Ligustrum vulgare - Wild Privet

Lonicera periclymenum  - Honeysuckle     plant

Myrica gale - Bog Myrtle (male flowers)     bud

Ribes rubrum - Red Currant (flowers)     leaves

Rosa arvensis - Field Rose

Rosa canina - Dog Rose     flower side-view

Rosa spinosissima - Burnet Rose     hip

Salix repens - Creeping Willow

Ulex europaeus - Gorse     flowers close-up     fruit     bush     habitat

Ulex gallii - Western Gorse

Vaccinium myrtilis - Bilberry / Whortleberry     plant

Viburnum lantana - Wayfaring Tree     leaf

Viburnum opulus - Guelder Rose     leaf

Viscum album - Mistletoe     close-up leaves


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