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Plants, Lichens and Fungi


Bolboschoenus maritimus - Sea Club-rush     colony

Eleocharis palustris - Common Spike-rush

Eleogiton fluitans - Floating Club-rush     plant

Eriophorum angustifolium - Common Cottongrass

Juncus articulatus - Jointed Rush     close-up     habitat

Rushes (Hard, Compact and Soft Rushes)

Juncus bulbosus - Bulbous Rush     close-up

Juncus conglomeratus - Compact Rush

Juncus effusus - Soft Rush

Juncus inflexus - Hard Rush

Juncus tenuis - Slender Rush

Luzula campestris - Field Wood-rush

Luzula forsteri - Forster's Wood-rush

Luzula multiflora - Heath Wood-rush     close-up

Luzula sylvatica - Great Wood-rush     flowers

Schoenoplectus lacustris subsp. tabernaemontani - Grey Club-rush     habitat

Schoenus nigricans - Black Bog-rush


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Plants, Lichens and Fungi

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