Carol's Cornwall

A Photographic  Library dedicated to

the Wildlife and Landscape of Cornwall

Plants, Lichens and Fungi


Carex arenaria - Sand Sedge     colony

Carex echinata - Star Sedge

Carex extensa - Long-bracted Sedge

Carex nigra - Common Sedge

Carex ovalis - Oval Sedge

Carex panicea - Carnation Grass

Carex paniculata - Greater Tussock Sedge     flowers close-up     plant

Carex pendula - Pendulous Sedge

Carex pulicaris - Flea Sedge

Carex remota - Remote Sedge

Carex rostrata - Bottle Sedge

Cladium mariscus - Great Fen Sedge

Rhynchospora alba - White Beak Sedge


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Plants, Lichens and Fungi

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