Carol's Cornwall
A Photographic  Library dedicated to
the Wildlife and Landscape of Cornwall

The Landscape (Industry and Commerce)

Industry and Commerce

Agriculture and Horticulture
Cauliflowers near Perranporth

Daffodil Field at St. Columb Major

Mining (China Clay)
Rocks China Clay Works - near Carnsmerry (Bugle)

Clay Hills South of Roche

Clay Hills East of Roche

Par Docks from Par Sands

Old Drier and Stack at Rescrowsa near Nanpean

Wheelhouse at Rescrowsa near Nanpean

First floor of wheelhouse at Rescrowsa near Nanpean

Mill / wheel gear at Rescrowsa near Nanpean

Mining (Minerals)
Mine Chimney (Kit Hill)

Stack at South Kit Mine near Callington

Ship Building
Falmouth Shipyard

Refitting the Royal Fleet Auxiliary's Argus at Falmouth


The Landscape

The Coast     Wild Animals
Plants, Lichens and Fungi

On the Beach

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